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Preserving Our History: The Archives Committee

By Doug Robinson, Archives Committee member Newspaper articles; photographs; awards; ticket stubs; playbills; church activities; kids’ accomplishments. All items found in a scrapbook. No doubt there’s an old scrapbook packed away in your home somewhere. These days, it seems they’ve migrated online to Pinterest. I had scrapbooks too and I continued collecting items (Jimmy Buffett…

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Our Rich Heritage

By Pastor Rhodes Woolly In September 1768, John Lewis Beard faced a dilemma. His beloved daughter had died and, as was customary in these early colonial days, laid to rest in a grave on his property in the township of Salisbury. But Salisbury was growing, and there was great concern that this hallowed ground might…

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Rosalie Adams and Family Donate Bible

By Susan Shinn Turner Rosalie Adams and her family have presented a Stirewalt family Bible for the St. John’s museum in Peeler Hall. The Bible is from the Moses Stirewalt family, Rosalie’s great-grandfather. It was printed in 1784 and is written in German. It came to Rosalie through a great uncle, Hamp Stirewalt. “It’s a…

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Henry Muhlenberg

By Pastor Rhodes Woolly “In God’s Own Country” tells the story of Henry Muhlenberg and the beginnings of a Lutheran church in America, but without simple understanding of the historical context and the main characters involved, it can be quite confusing. Take ten minutes to read through the following and your experience at the play…

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