We are happy that you are interested in learning more about St John’s Kindergarten and the Pre-Kindergarten program. We take pride that we offer a quality facility for child development.


St John’s Kindergarten is committed to the  physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and moral development of each child, all in a loving, Christian environment. Our purpose is to continue the process that you as parents have begun by:

  • Showing each child how special he or she is to us and to God.
  • Enhancing the children’s awareness of the world around them and their place in it, and instilling and sense of belonging.
  • Cultivating within each child an enthusiasm for learning in a relaxed atmosphere that provides motivation through age-appropriate activities, where learning is natural and fun.
  • Allowing children to play, have fun, share and explore their surroundings.


St John’s Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten program provide a strong foundation for a child’s total education in a challenging, loving and supportive environment. The curriculua offer a variety of exciting, age-appropriate  learning experiences. They are designed to encourage each student to achieve his or her full potential. Students develop intellectual curiosity, creativity and a love of learning. Small class sizes with certified teachers and assistants enhance the opportunity for all students to participate, accept responsibility and develop independence.

St John’s Kindergarten follows the Common Core Standards, as required by the state of North Carolina. Social and academic assessments are completed three times a year. Parents are provided with progress reports on their child’s academic and social development every three months.

Daily Bible stories, weekly chapel visits

Each day, the children have a special Bible story lesson. Through Bible stories and songs, the children learn that God loves us all and is always with us. Once a week, the ministerial staff from St John’s have a chapel visit with our children.


Call 704-636-4404 to place your child on a waiting list for the year he or she will attend. Please call as early as possible. We will notify you in December/January of the year your child will enroll regarding registration and fees.

Keep in touch! Feel free to call us any time. If we are working with the children, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Or email us at kindergarten@stjohns-salisbury.org