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New Life: As We Peer into Spring

Nathan Hough never imagined what he’d find when he stepped out to his new pig sty the other day. A baby piglet! Turns our Mama Pig...


Dear friends, The Economist recently wrote of a quiet pandemic that’s been developing while most people’s attention has been on Covid-19: loneliness. It’s a problem that’s been around for a...

A Message for a New Year

Sisters and Brothers, There is nothing better than a new planner! Ok, maybe not for you, but for me, the flipping of the calendar to a new year means a...
Rhodes Woolly

A Message for A New Year

Dear friends, How quickly can we bid farewell to 2020? Who knows if it’s a record or not, but the first Christmas tree I saw this year was the week...

Planting Seeds for Future Leaders

I’ve just finished watching the first presidential debate, and I’ve decided to tell you who to vote for. Keep reading … At one level, the debate was pure embarrassment, two...
Laura Head Shot

Waves of Grief …And Love, Grace, and Peace

Sisters and Brothers, “Grief is like waves.” If you have heard me talk about death, you know that this is my motto. Grief is like waves in the ocean. It...

The God, Who Sculpted the Mountains, is Strong Enough

The Black Canyon, Gunnison National Park Dear friends, Two weeks ago, Carter, Matt, and I enjoyed a week of hiking in Colorado. They had never been...
Pastor Rhodes

From the Pastor- July 2020

Pastor Rhodes Dear friends, As we set up for our “first” 9:27 service last week, we tried to create a feeling of warmth, comfort, welcome, and...

“I am Listening… My Fear Doesn’t Stand a Chance”

Sisters and Brothers, Have you ever had a song that won’t get out of your head? I remember when I was young, randomly someone would start singing “The Song that...

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