God calls us to get our hands dirty in our own community.  Our faith family is engaged in the Salisbury community seeking to make a difference in education, hunger and homelessness.

Rowan Helping Ministries: St John’s is an active faith partner in RHM.  RHM is providing much needed services to our homeless neighbors. Learn more at rowanhelpingministries.org. Ways we are engaged include:

  • Provide dinner and assist with laundry and clean-up on the second Wednesday night of each month, provide breakfast the following morning.
  • Bag-a-Month: Bring a bag full of groceries to the narthex the first Sunday of each month.
  • Buck-a-Meal:  A special offering of loose $1 bills is collected the first Sunday of each month in the Buck-a-Meal program.  All $1 bills in the offering plate are given to RHM.

Meals on WheelsSt John’s volunteers deliver hot meals to the homebound the 1st &  2nd Wednesdays of each month.

Knox Partnership:  We often say that if you want to see the future of Salisbury, look at Knox Middle School.  We are actively engaged in this school through tutoring, food programs and an innovative afterschool program.

  • Food for Thought:  Each week of the school year 11 food bags are delivered to hungry sixth-graders at Knox.  The food is provided in partnership with the non-profit, Food for Thought.  The bags are packed and delivered by volunteers each week.
  • Barnabas Connection:  Our Barnabas program reaches out to at-risk youth at Knox Middle School by connecting them to community artists and other adult mentors from St John’s. The weekly program, 3:30-5:30 pm Thursdays during the school year, shares the gospel through the words, art, and actions of the leaders. Students try their hand at some advanced artwork, including pottery, stained glass and mosaics.  The student’s final event is an art show hosted at Pottery 101.
  • Tutoring: Each Thursday members of St John’s tutor youth at Knox who are identified by the school.  This time produces lasting relationships and encourages young people on their educational journey
  • Homework Hot Spot – begins Fall, 2015.  During the 2014-15 school year, the Rowan Salisbury School System officially launched its 1:1 Technology program.  All students in grades 4-8 are provided an iPad and 9-12 a MacBook Air which provides access to all required curriculum resources needed for educational success.  In order to download teacher-assigned homework, access authorized academic research websites, complete projects using “Apps” provided by the school system, and submit work — all “online”    For students whose families do not have the required Wi-Fi access in their homes,  the School System asks willing partners to open community-based Homework Hot Spots  after school at least one evening each week.  Technology upgrades to our campus made in connection with our new building allow us to serve as a Community Wi-fi Partner (“CWP”) when the 2015-16 school year begins.  Look for the “H-Spot” logo coming soon to doors and windows around campus!

Habitat for HumanitySt John’s members often have the opportunity to build homes for the homeless through Habitat for Humanity. You may use skills of painting, roofing, carpentry, clean-up … even cooking.  We also need volunteers to help at Habitat’s ReStore located on S. Main Street, Salisbury.

Transitional Aftercare Network (“TAN”):  Gary Rhodes leads this burgeoning ministry providing pre-release mentoring and post-release relationship and support for citizens returning to society following a period of incarceration.  The ministry includes training and support for mentor-volunteers and safe, supporting relationships for protege-returning citizens.  St. John’s sponsors this ministry in partnership with the NC Department of Corrections – Division of Chaplains and as the local incubator/hub for other organizations and faith-communities also wishing to partner with us in this effort.  Both male and female mentor-volunteers are needed.  Already 10 men and 1 woman in our congregation are committed to preparing themselves during late spring and into the summer of 2015 .