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Archive for June 2017

Traveling Martin

In celebration of the 500th Reformation, we have “Traveling Martin Luther” to travel with you this summer! Traveling Martin is here and ready to spend the summer with you and your family and be a part of all of your activities. Wherever you happen to go, take Traveling Martin along and post pictures of you…

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From the Pastor

Dear friends, It’s almost summer and I am so ready. This South Carolina boy grew up in the heat, so a string of 90 degree days doesn’t phase me one bit. Heck, some thought there was little more than a screen door between my hometown in Columbia and Dante’s inferno! Sure enough, the second you…

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Prayer Room Dedicated

As part of the renovation of the Education Building, St. John’s now has a new prayer room. “Space matters. The new prayer room allows us to create and cultivate sacred space for sacred moments.  We hope that each person that steps into the room will feel surrounded by the presence of God and enter into…

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Courtney Bost Named New CDC Director

When Courtney Bost was 18, she began working part-time at the St. John’s Child Development Center. In April, she was named its new director. “This place just means a lot to me,” says Courtney, now 33. “Being here almost half my life, it’s a big part of my life. It’s part of me.” She and…

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