We know that God calls us to give. As givers we learn to trust God more fully with all areas of our lives. We encourage members to give a tithe and/or be working towards one by raising a percent of giving each year.

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Consider a Gift to the Cornerstone Trust

St. John’s has been blessed throughout the years with generous financial support of it’s many ministries. One form of support that has been missing is a special operational endowment. St. John’s sustainability campaign for the Cornerstone Trust has been established to provide members and friends gifting opportunities that would support the endowment for the annual operating budget and provide legacy gifts that will last forever. The Cornerstone Trust will be supported by gifts as well as estate bequests.

Estate gifts provide ongoing, long-term support by endowing St. John’s operating budget. From estate and outright gifts, the congregation can utilize investment earnings from the endowment principal. All funds will be added to the St. John’s Benevolent Foundation and administered by its trustees. Estate gifts are truly gifts that keep on giving!

All gifts are welcome, but this particular campaign emphasizes estate plans and bequests. Your gifts support three categories: Worship and Music Ministry Fund, Disciple Ministry Fund, and Undesignated Legacy Gifts. Through its mission and ministries, St. John’s is making notable impact in our community and in our world. Please prayerfully consider how you can strengthen this endowment for future generations. Be a blessing… Be a Cornerstone giver.

To learn more information about this effort, please contact Tom Childress or Pastor Rhodes.