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Global Ministries

Declare his glory among the nations,
    his marvelous works among all the peoples. - 1 Chronicles 16:24

St John’s responds to our call to go into the all the world by partnering in life-giving ways with missionaries in South Sudan, Guatemala, and Bethlehem.

South Sudan

“From education comes wisdom, and from wisdom, peace.” -- James Lubo Mijak, former Lost Boy and Project Manager for the Raising South Sudan Collaborative

Sudan Rowan is a 501c nonprofit founded in 2007 in Salisbury, NC, at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Sudan Rowan is an ecumenical Rowan County-based coalition that joins hands with South Sudanese partners in efforts to achieve peace and education. In 2010, Sudan Rowan began a project called “Raising South Sudan” in collaboration with former Lost Boys of Sudan and Charlotte-based 501c3 nonprofit Mothering Across Continents. Together, we serve communities in Ruweng State, South Sudan, an area greatly affected by years of civil war between what is today the country of Sudan to the north and the independent country of South Sudan.

With past support from St. John’s Lutheran and other local foundations, we’ve made great progress in South Sudan, which is designated as the world’s most fragile country.

The new nation of South Sudan continues to struggle with famine, tribal unrest, and limited educational opportunities.  Many of the people in South Sudan say they crave spiritual renewal in order to overcome the many challenges they face on a daily basis.

The Raising South Sudan Project is now requesting funds to support 60 children from Ngor Kur Mayol’s village of Aliap as they attend grades first through eighth at the Gumriak School.  For more information or to donate online visit

For more information about this ministry, contact Karen Puckett at


La Escuela Integrada is a school that is changing lives in Guatemala.   The country of Guatemala does not have a public school system.  Therefore, if you do not have money to send your children to school, your children do not attend school. This has led to a cycle of generational poverty and illiteracy throughout the country.

The goals of the school are:

  1. To end the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through the provision of education to impoverished children in Antigua;
  2. To provide two meals per day for the children attending the school so that their nutritional needs are met and they are better able to learn;
  3. To provide clothing and assistance with books and school supplies so that all the children have materials and items needed to learn;
  4. To provide medical and dental assistance to each child who attends the school (and all of their family members) so that each family member is healthy and able to learn and function in society.

We partner through academic scholarships, providing clothing and supplies and work trips to share the love of Christ.  Check out more at


Our mission partner, Dr. Mitri Raheb, is pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, one of the few Christian churches remaining in Bethlehem. His congregation, only a few feet from where Christ was born, seeks to share the Good News with the surrounding Palestinian population. Contact Mike Connor.