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Archive for July 2018

Teachers Appeal to Raleigh for Additional Support

At least five members of St. John’s were among the thousands of teachers who filled Downtown Raleigh, May 16, in the “March for Students and Rally for Respect.” Here are some impressions of the day: “It was a wonderful day as teachers and supporters took a stand to rally for respect!  So many people have…

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Knoxville Day 3

This morning my service project was with Mobile Meals. We went to a bunch of houses and we went up to the door and brought them hot and cold meals for the day. And at one of the houses we went to a lady invited us in. And when we went in she told us…

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Knoxville Day 2

So my favorite thing today was probably being able to help the growers at Beardsley Farm grow food to give to people that need food. So another high of my day, after we were done picking weeds at Beardsley Farm was throwing a baby potato around playing catch with it. For my second service project…

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Knoxville Day 1

  First, I woke up and we went to Cafe WOW where we talked about this guy who was being bullied by football players and the coach stepped in and helped him. Then we had breakfast. Today for service projects we went to Beardsley Farm and picked raspberries, tomatoes, and then pulled a lot of…

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