Knoxville Day 3

This morning my service project was with Mobile Meals. We went to a bunch of houses and we went up to the door and brought them hot and cold meals for the day. And at one of the houses we went to a lady invited us in. And when we went in she told us about her grandchildren. It was cool how we were able to connect. My favorite part of the day was walking up to their doors and giving people meals. I saw God in the smiling faces of the people we gave meals to today. It was neat to see how they were so thankful and happy even when they didn’t have a lot to be happy about.

– Anna Hedenskog

First we went to MinVilla and we cleaned up the doors and railings inside the building and then we went and picked weeds outside to make it look nice. MinVilla is a place that provides emergency shelter for those who need it. We also did the water wagon that were homeless in the area and outside who didn’t have water. And I saw God in the people we gave water to. It was kind of sad, but also cool. My favorite part of the day was going to the pool at Pastor Laura’s parent’s house. We had a lot of fun.

– Izzy Medina

So I went to the KARM Courtyard where we gave out a bunch of drinks and snacks to homeless people that came through. We also got to talk to people and learn where they were from. Most of the people seemed surprised but happy that we were talking to them. Not a lot of people probably stop to talk to them, so it probably made their day to have a normal conversation. There was this guy there that said ‘thank you guys, you guys are a really good blessing that God gave to the world.” God was there. My favorite part of the day was swimming and playing with friends at the pool and making trick shots from the top of the stairs into a pool basketball goal.

– Connor McCormick

This morning, I did Mobile Meals. We had a bunch of houses, and one had 4 meals a whole gallon of milk and like 10 juices. I carried most of it, and I had to sit in the middle of a tiny car for the whole morning AND we got chased by 4 quail and a tiny dog. But it was still really fun and I could tell that the people were really happy to see us and get food. Especially the last lady, the smile on her face was like the best smile I’ve ever seen. I could tell that she was really happy to see us. My favorite part of the day was swimming. I had a bunch of fun. I made a basketball shot off of the diving board. And I want to thank Pastor Laura’s parents for letting us come over. They were great hosts. Today, I saw God at work in the world through the faces of the people we gave meals to because I could tell that they don’t normally get company and they were glad to see us.

– Grant Shafer


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