Prayer Room Dedicated

As part of the renovation of the Education Building, St. John’s now has a new prayer room.

“Space matters. The new prayer room allows us to create and cultivate sacred space for sacred moments.  We hope that each person that steps into the room will feel surrounded by the presence of God and enter into greater conversation with God through prayer.”

Not only is the prayer room, formerly classroom 211, used for a place of prayer and meditation, it’s also offered as space for celebrations for brides, and a gathering space for families before funerals. Again, providing sacred space in these sacred moments.

The Sims family set up the original prayer room several years ago in memory of the late Joseph Lon Sims.

“He had a prayer station at his house, with pictures of every member of his family. That’s how he started his day,” says Barbara Jo Corriher, his granddaughter, and a member of the prayer room team. “That’s why the prayer room has been so important for our family.”

Others on the team include Sherry Mason Brown and Mark Ritchie.

The prayer bench and Queen Anne wood chairs came from the former prayer room and have been reupholstered for the new space. The late Dr. David Martin made a stained glass Luther Rose for Eleanor Andrews, which she donated for the room. This hung in the previous  prayer room and has been reframed in a light box, with wooden spandrels created and donated by the Goodman family.

The primary artwork above the sofa is “Through the Fog,” by Judith Judy.

“The prayer room team feels this painting represents the sun rising on a new life together, or a sun setting on a life well lived,” Sherry says. “It also will serve as an inspiration for contemplative prayer and all other prayers lifted up in this place.”

“The gift of the space is that is more than just furnishings and pictures hung on a wall,” says Pastor Danielle, “It is an invitation. Prayer stations throughout the rooms allow you to engage in habits of prayer.”

A prayer and journaling station is also available, along with a basket of yarn and needles for making prayer shawls. Centering prayer cushions, a wooden finger labyrinth and a variety of devotionals are available. A magnetic world map serves as an inspiration to remember our prayer partners. Meditation and healing music CD’s are available, as well as prayer cards.  The prayer room was dedicated on June 4 at the 11 am worship service with a reception to follow in the chapel narthex and visits to the prayer room.



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