Conversations That Matter

Conversations that matter with community leaders, non-profit organizers, and other Pastors that are a part of our community.

Ep. 8: Teresa Moore Mitchell

Teresa is a local treasure with a global reach. A gifted musician and a spirited Christian, she sees music as a tool to sharing the Gospel. In this month’s conversation, Teresa shares details of her journey, the highs and lows, including the challenges she’s faced as an African-American artist.

Ep. 7: Vaccine Conversation with Alyssa Harris

In this episode, Pastor Rhodes sits down with Alyssa Harris of Healthy Rowan to discuss Covid-19 and the vaccine distribution in Rowan County and Frankenstein.

Ep. 6: Pastor Munther Isaac

In December, Pastor Rhodes interviews the Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of our sister congregation, Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. Pastor Isaac will share intimate details about life in Bethlehem during the pandemic, now that for the first time tourism and holiday gatherings/rituals have all been cancelled … in the town of Jesus’ birth.

Episode 5: ELCA Bishop The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Eaton

In October, we continue our celebration of the 50th year of ordaining women in the Lutheran Church as Pastor Rhodes engages in a fascinating and sometimes hilarious conversation with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. Eaton is the first female presiding bishop of the ELCA, first elected in 2013.

Episode 4: Pastor Adrienne Martin and Debbie Martin Purpur

Join us this month for an inspiring, funny, and brutally honest glimpse into the life of a pastor’s family, as Pastor Rhodes interviews Pastor Adrienne Martin and her mom, Debbie Martin Purpur.

Episode 3: Hannah Nadeau Girón from GRACES

She started as a 17-year-old high school volunteer. Today, she's the executive director of our partner school in Antigua, Guatemal. Hannah is a remarkable disciple and a wonderful friend of St. John's.

Episode 2: Pastor Danielle DeNise and Pastor Laura Henrik

In this month’s episode, Rhodes interviews Danielle DeNise and Laura Henrik, two women who have served as pastors of St. John’s. The conversation centers on the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women in the Lutheran church, which is being celebrated throughout 2020.

Episode One: Marvin Moore

Pastor Rhodes speaks with Principal of Isenberg Elementary School, Marvin Moore on issues of family, faith, and the community that we all are a part of.

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