The Season After Pentecost: Aug. 19, 2019  

Jesus sees a “bent over woman” in today’s Gospel reading. Pastor Rhodes asks, “What do you see?”

Confirmation Sunday: August 11, 2019  

11 confirmands make public profession of their faith and lay claim to their baptismal promises.

The Season after Pentecost  

This week’s sermon is presented by Carter Woolly, who shares about his year of mission work in…

Unworkable Faith: July 28, 2019  

Pastor Rhodes addresses what it means to be “#Blessed.”

The Season after Pentecost: July 21, 2019  

Bishop Tim Smith preaches on truth and butterflies.

Unworkable Faith: July 14, 2019  

Pastor Laura continues our sermon series called “Unworkable Faith: Common “truths” that don’t seem very true.” This…

Unworkable Faith: July 7, 2019  

Pastor Rhodes opens up our new series titled “Unworkable Faith: Common “truths” that don’t seem very true.”…

Celebration of Liberty: June 30, 2019  

During this 4th of July week, Pastor Rhodes discusses how freedom comes at great cost and with…

The Season after Pentecost: June 23, 2019  

Pastor Laura explored the story of the Gerasene man possessed by demons.

The Sunday of the Holy Trinity: June 16, 2019  

On this Holy Trinity Sunday, we explore a basic question that folks have wrestled with for centuries:…

Pentecost: June 9, 2019  

On this Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Rhodes challenges us not to “box in the Holy Spirit,“ along with…

Romans: June 2, 2019  

Pastor Rhodes wraps up our study of Romans with the question, “What next?”