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Benevolent Foundation

Benevolent Foundation 

The Benevolent Foundation of St. John’s Lutheran Church was established for the purpose of receiving and investing funds for designated purposes. These various funds afford members an opportunity to share their resources now and in the future helping vibrant ministry at St. John's to be sustained well into the future.

The Foundation began in 1979 with a gift of $156,000 from the estate of D.J. Mahaley. Since that time and with through the generosity of many other donors, the corpus has grown to $7.5 million.

The Benevolent Foundation provides continuity of management and care of gifts and bequests given to St. John’s with the assurance of their proper utilization for the purposes of the church and in accordance with the wishes of the donor.

Benevolent Foundation funds are intended to extend the outreach of our congregation beyond our yearly, ongoing budget and programs. The powerful and creative uses of these funds further the commitment of our members to be motivated, inspired and visionary in offering planned and deferred gifts to the glory of God during and after their lifetime.

Our Funds 

Fund for the Future - This fund was established as a 250th anniversary gift of the congregation to enable the establishment of future new ministry projects.

Endowment Fund - This fund was established in 1974 by a gift from the will of D.J. Mahaley to provide additional financial support for community outreach, the North Carolina Synod of the ELCA, and the missions of the ELCA on this continent and worldwide.

Ministerial Fund - This fund was established in 1974 by a gift from the estate of D.J. Mahaley to provide financial support to persons enrolled in seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Kern Memorial Fund - This fund was established in 1978 by a gift from Tom Kern to provide private and confidential help for the needy, including members of the parish.

Rev. Dr. P. D. & Florence Brown Fund - The fund was established by the family in memory of Rev. Dr. P. D. Brown and in honor of Mrs. Florence B. Brown in her 100th year to be used for the service to needy persons, especially the homeless, the transient, and the abused members of the community. The primary, initial intent was to assist in the establishment of a shelter ministry for homeless and transient persons and battered women and children.

Oliver & Nell Rufty Retreat Property Fund - Fund was established in October of 1989 with a gift received from Oliver and Nell Rufty to assist with the development of the St. John’s Retreat Property on High Rock Lake.

The Arnold H. Jr. & Kate Mills Snider Educational Ministry Fund - Arnold H. Snider, Jr. established the Arnold H. Snider, Jr. Endowment Fund at St. John’s Lutheran Church through a gift prior to his death in 2001. An additional gift was received through his last will and testament. The main purpose of the fund will be directed toward the support of the educational ministry of St. John’s.

Betty Scott Lentz Lay Leadership Fund - This scholarship fund is in memory of the Church Secretary and Parish Administrator of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Betty Scott Lentz, who faithfully served as a lay parish worker from 1953-1988. The fund was established in September 1998. The scholarship fund is to benefit lay members of the church by encouraging them to seek educational and training opportunities that will strengthen their ministries in the Church.

Wilson and Evelyeen Smith Fund - This fund has been used by the Property Board to purchase equipment outside of the budgeted expenses of the board.

Smith Holiday Fund - This fund supports the annual gift of a Christmas tree in honor of Wilson and Evelyeen Smith.

Smith Family Nehemiah Fund - This fund was established by Wilson and Evelyeen Smith in 2001 to provide a foundation of financial support for major projects of upkeep and beautification for this congregation and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. The fund will serve as a perpetual challenge fund to the congregation to keep God’s house and facilities in the best repair.

Susie C. Thomas Trust - Susie C. Thomas Trust Fund is a Charitable Remainder Trust established for the use of St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1985 and established by will for the purpose of providing “aid for educational purposes to children of widowed, divorced, or unmarried women who cannot afford to properly educate their children.”

The Margaret and Bill Alsobrooks Organ Repair Fund - To provide for the upkeep of the organ and musical instruments of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Scholarship Funds

  • The Dorothy Click Fesperman Scholarship
  • Emily May Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas E. Gilbert and Viola H. Bailey Scholarship
  • The Hugh B. and Lena B. Lyerly Scholarship
  • The Bruce Alden Ketner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The Carl Edgar and Edna Cauble Leazer
  • The Scott Rierson Scholarship
  • The Margaret Cline and Ernest Crawford Safrit, Sr. Scholarship
  • The Brian Scott Smith Memorial Scholarship

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Consider a Gift to the Cornerstone Trust

St. John’s has been blessed throughout the years with generous financial support of it’s many ministries. One form of support that has been missing is a special operational endowment. St. John’s sustainability campaign for the Cornerstone Trust has been established to provide members and friends gifting opportunities that would support the endowment for the annual operating budget and provide legacy gifts that will last forever. The Cornerstone Trust will be supported by gifts as well as estate bequests.

Estate gifts provide ongoing, long-term support by endowing St. John’s operating budget. From estate and outright gifts, the congregation can utilize investment earnings from the endowment principal. All funds will be added to the St. John’s Benevolent Foundation and administered by its trustees. Estate gifts are truly gifts that keep on giving!

All gifts are welcome, but this particular campaign emphasizes estate plans and bequests. Your gifts support three categories: Worship and Music Ministry Fund, Disciple Ministry Fund, and Undesignated Legacy Gifts. Through its mission and ministries, St. John’s is making notable impact in our community and in our world. Please prayerfully consider how you can strengthen this endowment for future generations. Be a blessing… Be a Cornerstone giver.

To learn more information about this effort, please contact Tom Childress or Pastor Rhodes.