Wednesdays! at St. John’s are a time for gathering in fellowship, fun, community, and faith formation.

If you want to get plugged in at St. John’s, Wednesdays are a great opportunity for the whole family to get involved as an active part of the congregation.

Wednesday Night Meals, rehearsals, adult and children's programming are set to start back on September 14!

We are so excited to reveal our new fellowship hall and kitchen! No doubt it'll be a lot of fun making full use of that space. If you haven't been down there already, it's shaping up to be something very, very special.

Interested in volunteering on a meal team?

We are looking for:

  • cooks (join in as a team or as an individual)
  • someone to prepare desserts
  • clean-up crews
  • sign-in teams
  • overall coordinator
I am interested in: