Coming to Salisbury: New Americans Program

Coming to Salisbury: New Americans Program

We are expecting our first family on Wednesday, July 19 !!!

These are the items that are still needed:

  • Blankets (Full/Queen)
  • Turner/Flipper Spatula
  • a crib
  • potholders
  • can opener (manual)
  • kitchen trashcan liners (13 gallon)
  • bathroom trashcan liners
  • slotted spoons for cooking
  • cutting board
  • plunger
  • mixing bowl
  • flashlight
  • One outfit for each member of the family. (We do not have sizes) Long- sleeves, loose-fitting, stretchy garments are best. ( Female: age 30, Male age: 37, Female: age 13, Female: age 9, Male: age 2.5)
  • window unit air conditionr
  • washer and Dryer

Please bring these items to Peeler Hall by Tuesday, July 18!


Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC), working with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS), has a long, strong history of refugee resettlement. LSC initiated their New Americans Program (NAP) in response to the increased need for refugee support in recent years. This program is establishing additional regional offices to serve refugees as they transition into a new life and a new culture. NAP offices are located in Raleigh, Asheville, Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville (SC).

St. John’s will be hosting the newest NAP office in our Community Ministry Center (CMC). LSC is currently seeking a director for this site. This office can resettle and serve refugees within a 100-mile radius. They anticipate serving as many as 75 individual refugees over the coming years.

Refugees are people who have suffered persecution in their homeland or who have been displaced by violence. All have been thoroughly vetted through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and various homeland security agencies of the United States. All are here legally and have all the documents necessary to be employed as they become self-sufficient.

The NAP works in partnership with volunteers, community groups, and faith communities to welcome and ease the transition to a new culture and a new life.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • Volunteer: The NAP office will need people to help provide welcome, transportation, to gather needed items for setting up their new home, and to mentor refugees in the ways of our culture. More details will be provided once the local director arrives.
  • “Welcome Kits”: These kits contain basic household and hygiene items. Groups, classes, families can participate by gathering and assembling kits. There are five types of Welcome Kits: dining, cooking, bathroom, hygiene, and cleaning/household supplies. Items for each kit are packed in a reusable plastic tote container. Click here to learn more about the kits.
  • Circle of Welcome: A supportive community is key in successful resettlement for LSC refugees. The Circle of Welcome is a Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) initiative designed to engage both faith and community groups in the successful integration of refugees into communities in the United States. A Circle of Welcome is a team of at least 6-10 people who have committed to walk alongside a matched refugee family for 6 months to one year. You can learn more at this link: . If you are interested in forming a Circle of Welcome at St. John’s Click Here so we can gather and organize by the end of March.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and support of our new neighbors! Thanks also for Council’s approval of hosting this ministry and the Scouts support by rearranging some space in the CMC.