Congregation Council

Ministry in God’s kingdom is shared work. Along with our pastors and staff, a strong group of lay leaders guide and equip us as we seek to connect faith and life together.

The Congregation Council has general oversight of the life and activities of St John’s. It is led by an Executive Committee, consisting of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, along with the senior pastor. There are 15 elected members of the Council, each serving a three-year term.


2021 President …. Mike Edwards

Vice President …. Carole Parrott

Secretary …. Mary Wymbs

Treasurer …. Tommy Page

Financial Secretary...Cory Gebhardt

Personnel Secretary … Jeanie Moore


Term Expires 2021

Randy Overcash

David Hord

Mike Agee

Mary Wymbs, secretary

Larry Britt


Term Expires 2022

Christopher Derrick

Mike Edwards, president

Penny Moss

Dennis Rogers

Rosalind Hines


Term Expires 2023

Dr. Larry Cartner

Elaine Holden

Brenda Munday

Carole Parrott, vice president

Colleen Young

Youth Members

Sacha Medina and Ryan Brady


Benevolent Foundation Trustees

Chip Bridges, Chair

Chris Agner

Margaret Kluttz

John Denker

Lori Yang



Worship and the Arts – Rob Durocher

Discipleship – Pastor Laura Henrik

Mercy and Justice – Pastor Rhodes Woolly

Congregational Life – Diane Poole

Stewarding God’s Resources – Ruth Ann Diehl