Rosemary Kinard

Rosemary serves as the Associate Parish Musician helping to support our 11 am traditional worship through directing, song leadership and instrumentation.

School: Master’s degree in music from Appalachian State University

Home state: Born in Alabama, raised in Florida

In my spare time, I like to: Read, garden, listen to music with Karl, and play with the world’s cutest grandchildren!

A hero of mine is: Hard to narrow down, but one for sure is the late Robert Shaw, who was a consummate musician, conductor, humanitarian, charismatic leader, and a deeply spiritual and inspirational writer.

One of my quirks is: Not a secret, surely, but I am fairly obsessive about planning and organizing, always prefer a pencil in meetings — easier to make corrections) and LOVE Post-it Notes. I should have bought stock when they were first marketed!

What I love most about my job is: The opportunity to serve God and our community of faith through music.