Mid-Week Communion Service Begins

By Susan Shinn Turner

Along with the 11 am livestream worship service and the 9:27 in-person worship, a third worship opportunity is now available at St. John’s.

A mid-week communion service began on July 22. The 30-minute service takes place at 12:15 pm in the chapel, and is especially designed for older members. Strict guidelines for creating a safe worship space are being followed, including social distancing and the wearing of masks.

That doesn’t stop it from being a meaningful service, however.

“It’s on our calendar,” says David Hord, who with wife Bonnie typically attends the 11 am service as a member of the Chancel Choir.

“It was certainly a very special time for us,” he adds. “It’s the first time we’d had communion since mid-March. It was something I needed. We’re looking forward to putting that in our routine. It will be in the rhythm of our lives for a while.”

Beth Boger agrees. She and husband Jim, who typically attend the 8:30 am Chapel Worship, have attended this service, too.

“It was absolutely wonderful to go in the chapel and worship,” she says. “It is extremely well done. For anybody who is in any way threatened by going out in public, they don’t need to feel that way here.”

Boger said she and her husband would limit their attendance in order to let others have a chance to go. Seating capacity for this service is 35.

Worship at St. John’s

 Sundays at 11am Broadcast online from the Sanctuary by visiting our                                                 website, Facebook, or YouTube channel. Search “SJLC”

Sundays at 9:27am In-person worship in the Faith Center. A gentle, 45-minute service led by our worship team. Thanks for wearing masks.

Wednesdays 12:15 Our mid-week communion service in the Chapel. Strict health protocols are followed.



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