“Be of Good Courage”: Sophie is Reunited with Her Mommy for Her Mommy’s Wedding

Michele and Sophie reunite outside the St. John’s Chapel

By Stacey Shafer

After the virus interrupted everyone’s life, Michele Johnson and her parents Richard and Delores Imblum made a decision that it would be best for Sophie to “move” into her grandparents home for a while to help all of them not have direct contact with Michele, a nurse practitioner at Autumn Care retirement community.

Sophie was excited at first, but soon became very sad to not have her mommy’s hugs and kisses. Their fun time came each evening during a FaceTime call while reading stories together. Doing online school work, riding her scooter, playing Old Maid with her grandparents, and watching all seasons of Madeline, kept them on the bright side.

Sophie even celebrated her birthday in April away from home. Keeping tradition, Sophie was able to go to her house after her mom left for work and sit on her bed filled with lots of pink balloons filled with birthday love as Michele does for her every year.

As you can imagine, she missed her mommy, dog, and her own bed so much that the family made the decision it was time for her to return home after six weeks. And what a special day it was!

On May 16, Sophie and her grandparents were able to rejoice in Michele’s wedding to Eric Knorr while standing side by side for photos. What a very happy moment for all of them to witness the love Jesus had for all of them that day!

Richard and Delores are very proud of Michele in how well she has taken care of her patients in the health care profession and how she has fully focused on their well-being. This family’s courage has shown how, together, things can be overcome through God’s goodness.

I would say this family has shown quite well what it looks like to “Be of good courage.”

Stacey serves as the Children’s Minister at St. John’s.


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