“Be Courageous and Fear Not”

Mrs. Jihan Nassar

“Be Courageous and Fear not, for I am with you …”

O Lord. The God of Heaven and Earth … the God of love and peace and all that is seen and unseen…

Today we light a candle for encouragement and fellowship … the candle of patience and hope … the candle of optimism and work … the candle of faith and stability … the candle of challenge and victory … and finally the candle of thanks and gratitude.

We ask you, O Lord of Lords, to be with us in these difficult times…. and to grant us your peace … to give us, O Lord, the strength to endure and triumph … and give us steadfast faith to cross the valley of tears and turn it into a fountain for us. Be with us, O Lord, protect us and our families, strengthen our Church, and sustain to be a light for others.

We ask for this not through the intercession of human beings, but through the intercession of the one who spread His hands on the cross, our Lord and Savior Jesus Chris… Amen.

Mrs. Jihan Nassar | Christmas Lutheran Church, Bethlehem


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