Sandy and Stan Jordan Build Neighborhood Easter Cross

By Sandy Jordan

Last Friday, a friend of mine mentioned that her husband was making a cross to put in their yard so that neighbors could decorate it for Easter. I loved the idea and walked into my husband, Stan’s, office to ask him to make a cross. He was busy with tax season and helping his clients work through this pandemic, so I was expecting him to flat out say no. But he turned around and quickly said yes. I was thrilled.

He made it that night, I stapled chicken wire on it and Saturday morning we set it in “the circle,” a common area in our neighborhood. (“The circle” also happens to be across the street from our house.)

A couple of friends helped me notify our neighbors and people began bringing flowers from their yard to place on the cross. It was so very meaningful to watch as people decorated the cross. We even had people that were just cutting through the neighborhood, go home get flowers and come back to place them on the cross. Even though we could not be physically together to celebrate Easter, we were able to work together to create something that said, “Yes, Christ has risen Indeed!”

Be of Good Courage.


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