Live Video Stream of 11 am Worship Now Available

By Angel Owens

In December and January, St. John’s introduced the “Watch Live” option on Sunday mornings.

St. John’s website previously included the option to “Listen Live,” but now you can watch the entire 11 am service online as it happens.

Some of you were able to enjoy the Men’s Chorus Concert live as well. If you missed it, you can still watch it by selecting it from the archived list to the right of the screen.

With anything new, especially technology, there is a trial period. You may have noticed that the service has gone “Live” on Facebook, as well. The media team hopes to make that a regular feature, soon.

Taylor Hutchins, Media Specialist, has been working to make streaming as smooth as possible.

If you were unable to watch live or had streaming interruptions, the service will be archived and uploaded on Monday to watch during the week following.

If you have any questions, tell Taylor Hutchins,, the following Monday. Please do not attempt to contact him during the stream, as he will be filming.

Smart TVs, Tablets, Cell Phones, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick

The easiest way to listen live on most devices, is to visit our website and click “Watch Live,” but if you plan to watch on

a device that uses apps, like your smart tv, tablet, cell phone, Roku device or Amazon Fire Stick, you can tune in through the Sunday Streams App. (Please note: this is completely separate from the St. John’s app.)

  1. Go to your app store.
  2. Download Sunday Streams.
  3. Type in our stream id, SJLC.
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Choose Videos.
  6. Click Live.

Members have already shared that they have successfully watched through the app.


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