Join Us for Fiesta Guatemala

By Paula Bohland

This is Anita. She lives in a family that really struggles to survive. In fact, last week while I was in Guatemala I saw her mom in the city dump foraging for items to resell and food to feed her children. Thankfully, Anita is sponsored by a wonderful family at St. John’s and she is able to attend Escuela Integrada. Because of this sponsorship Anita and the other kids who attend the school have completed another year of education. Along with an education, Anita and the other school children also receive 2 nutritious meals per day, tutoring, and family support to assist them in overcoming severe poverty. Without the school Anita and many of the other children attending Escuela Integrada would experience mal nutrition, and would never have the opportunity to be educated.

The school year ended in early November but Anita and the other children will return in January of 2019, ready to learn and grow.

Escuela Integrada and GRACES are St John’s mission partners. Every year, St John’s participates in the annual GRACE’S sponsorship challenge. During this time, our church comes together to sponsor the children who would otherwise have no support.

This year St John’s Sponsorships will focus on developing resources to feed the children. Since learning is very difficult when hunger is present, Escuela Integrada provides 2 meals per day and snacks for every child. The meals are nutritionally based and offer more fruits and vegetables for the children.  Since Escuela Integrada is located in the urban area of Antigua, fruits and vegetables are much more expensive and we are in need of funds to ensure the children are offered nutritionally sound meals.

This year we will kick off St John’s participation in the GRACE’s Sponsorship Challenge on Dec. 2. On that date, we plan to host a “Fiesta Guatemala” after the 11 am service. During the fiesta we will serve snacks, provide information on the state of the school, give updates on individual children sponsored by members of St John’s and offer a Guatemalan Market featuring unique Christmas gifts.

Please mark your calendars for Dec. 2. Join us in this opportunity to celebrate the school and ensure that no child attending Escuela Integrada has to go hungry in 2019. For more information or for donations please contact Paula Bohland at 704.640.6144. GRACES is now also a recognized Thrivent charity for your giving convenience.


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