Wednesday Meals Returns September 6

By Susan Shinn Turner

Wednesday meal lovers, rejoice! The perennially popular Wednesday meals return on September 6. This year, healthy alternatives have been added.

“We already serve fresh frozen vegetables and unsweetened tea,” says Celia Jarrett, who partners with Ott Pinkston and his crew to prepare meals. “This fall, we’ll start offering fresh fruit as a dessert alternative, and salad without dressing. We’ll continue to offer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids.”

Celia notes that while Ott cooks with healthy foods — real butter, real milk, real cream — they’re not necessarily low-calorie or low-fat. “We’re just going to be more conscious and aware of our choices. If we can find healthy choices, we’ll try them out.”

“We can all be more aware of what we eat,” says Carolyn Byrd, director of senior ministry, who serves on the Healthy Rowan executive team. “It’s also a healthy thing to spend time with one another in fellowship, and that doesn’t cost us any calories at all!”

Season passes are now available. Please purchase your meal pass by Sept. 1 from the church office.


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