Knoxville Trip: Day 3

Blog 1:

Today I went to the Wesley House and the kids were not there because they went on a field trip for the day so my group and I cleaned. I cleaned the closet with Emily, Mrs. Kristin, Reid, and Kate. Then Emily and I organized a whole bookshelf in 10min! In the afternoon we had a free day and we went to the Sun Sphere were we could see the whole city. Then we went to Starbucks and I got a Kavu bag at Mast General in downtown. Then we got to see the Spider-Man movie together as a group. After the movie we went to Trio for dinner and Rita’s for ice-cream. My favorite part of the day has to be when I saw the big accomplishment that my group made when the closet was finished. I saw God working was when Emily and I had finished that bookshelf in 10 minutes.

– Kari Downs

Blog 2:
Today I went to Mobile Meals. It was so much fun! But some of the people were not answering their doors. But that was ok. My favorite part of the day was when we went to see a movie in the afternoon. Spider-Man was really good. Then we went to dinner. It was so good! Then we went shopping. I saw God when the mobile meals was successful and fun!!

– Lucy Burks

Blog 3:

This morning I went to Beardsley Farm where we got to pick Okra, Squash, and Peppers. Then we pulled weeds around the farm. In the afternoon we went to the Sunsphere downtown where you could look around the whole city. Then we played on a really cool playground and then went to Market Square and we shopped a bit, we went to see a movie. I saw Despicable Me 3 and the movie was really good. Then we went to Trio’s for dinner where I had a hamburger. It was very good. My favorite part of the day was walking around downtown and shopping. I saw God yesterday when I saw how the Farm would give 75% of the food grown there to the local shelters and other places where people in need needed fresh produce like squash, okra, eggs, and honey.

– Joe Bohland


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