Knoxville Trip: Day 1

Blog 1:

We went to Ladies of Charity Thrift Store and we sorted out some stuff. We first sorted cranberry juice and put a label on it to help people who bought it. Then we sorted through a lot of diapers and stack toilet paper. After that we made cards for homeless people who sleep at KARM’s main site. The cards are going to be put on the pillows of the beds that the people sleep in. Later that day we served lunch to people who can’t afford lunch. Then we went to another place called Serene Manor where we just hung out with some people and we gave them some company. We played board games and Wii with the people there. My favorite part of the day was to meet everyone at Serene Manor and to play games with them. It was a whole lot of fun. Today I saw God when we were talking to people and they were happy to know that we saw them and that someone would actually talk to them. They were smiling and stuff, it was cool.

– Sam Medina


Blog 2:

Today I went to Christenberry Elementary School were I helped pull weeds in their playground. I also went to Project LIVE where I did more cutting branches, pulled more weeds, and now I’m tired of seeing the color green right now. My favorite part of the day though was probably doing the Leadership Development activities with the WOW Staff where we fell into each other’s arms as we did trust falls. My God moment today was when we went to Project LIVE, and when the lady came out of the building her face just lit up and she was so happy to see us. You could tell that she was touched by us showing up to help.

– Christopher Kafitz


Blog 3:

I was so excited when I woke up because I knew I would be able to help people. The first place I went was the ladies of charity thrift shop. Sam and I sorted all kinds of things. The best one was some cranberry concentrate we had to put stickers on. Sam developed a dislike for neon colors as a whole. Then we went to the VMC and served the people that were there meals. After lunch we went to Serene Manor. There was one man there named Bob and he had tons of stories to tell. While at Serene Manor I met another guy who had so many injuries throughout his life, and I got to hear how God played an active role in his life even though he got hurt. Today was a very eventful day and was tons of fun, I really enjoyed today.

– Grant Shafer


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