Trip 2: Guatemala Day 6

Blog 1:

Today was such an adventure! We drove about 2 hours through the Guatemalan countryside to hike the still active volcano Pacaya. The hike started off being quite treacherous, but when we finally reached the top the views ended up being very rewarding. My favorite part was looking at the wonderful terrain that God blessed Guatemala with. I could most definitely see God’s presence in the vistas before us. And the blessings for all the people of the world with his love and creations.

– Ava Cooksey

Blog 2:

Today I had the amazing opportunity to hike up a volcano. It was a challenging hike that pushed me and required a lot of physical effort. Once I reached the top of the volcano I felt very accomplished. My favorite part was when we all had a delicious lunch together surrounded by beautiful fields and volcanoes. I saw God today as we were all enjoying each other’s company and looking at the pretty scenery. I really liked hiking today and I am so sad that this trip has come to an end.

– Cali Proper

Blog 3:

Today was a whole lot of fun! We went to an active volcano named Pacaya. We had to hike up to the top and on the way up to the top it was so hard, but it was so worth it. I saw God in the view at the top of the volcano where we ate lunch together as a group. My favorite part of the day though was when we had the chance to run down the volcano. It was one of the few times that I’ve had fun falling. Today was so much fun!

– Caroline Houpe


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