Trip 2: Guatemala Day 5

Blog 1:

Today started out with us taking a trip Cerra De La Cruz, a cross created by Spanish conquistadors.  I then went on to play soccer with the younger aged children, all of which still were much better than I was.  Later that night, we had a family night, where we ate pizza with the families of some of the children.  Those kids could eat!  I witnessed a nine year old eat eight slices, while I capped out at three.  The part I most enjoyed and learned from would be playing soccer with the younger children.  Even though American children would be pushing and lying, these kids were completely honest, graceful, and normally reached out a hand to help up a fallen opponent.  I saw God while looking down from Cerra De La Cruz.  Even in the face of oppression, symbolized even by the cross itself, you could still hear the sounds of music rising from the market, showing that even in the face of all this poverty and corruption, the Guatemalan people could still find joy and enjoy little things in life, such as music.

-Robert Sullivan

Blog 2:

Today we went to the top of a mountain, to a park.  We looked out over the city and put places we had been and seen in a different perspective.  The view was beautiful and we continued on to the market.  We saw the different souvenirs from this new country and culture.  I went on a few home visits today, the first being the home of Gustavo.  I really saw God in his home.  Gustavo’s father told us his life story about how they used to live in poverty until he saved up enough money and came out of debt.  He had become ill and he said God saved him from his near death experience.  The story of his family’s life really touched me.  The second home was Anna’s.  She is my little buddy who I’ve come to know a lot about.  She and her mom are the sweetest people and I got to lead the prayer for their family so that made me emotional but happy at the same time.  Lastly, we had family night at the school where I got to say my final greetings and farewells.  These children and families really touched me and I will definitely be writing to them soon.

-Caroline Colwell

Blog 3:

This morning we went to the cross on top of a mountain that overlooks the city of Antigua. The view was stunning, we could even see where we were staying. We then went to the market, I bought lots of unique things. After we went back to the school for one last recess with the kids, it was so fun as usual. Seeing how happy all the kids are makes me so happy as well. I really feel the presence of God through all of the children at the school. They are so happy even though there may be many things going wrong on their homes. Then we went to the soccer fields and I played with many of the younger kids on the playground. It was so sad saying goodbye to all of the people we met at the school this week. I hope to stay in touch with all of the people I met in touch with all of the people I met this week!

-Julie Kenny


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