Trip 2: Guatemala Day 3

Blog 1:

Today I installed an ECO-Stove into a family’s home, played with the children at Escuela Integrada, made hats with the ninth graders for the people at the nursing home, danced at the nursing home, and played soccer with third and fourth graders. My favorite part of the day today was installing the stove and seeing the look of joy and thanks on the family’s faces. The moment when I saw God today was playing with the children at Escuela Integrada and seeing how welcoming and nice they are to us foreigners, but God’s love has no boundaries. Ending that last statement, I personally believe that God is present in every corner of the world, you can find His love anywhere and you can find people all over that are willing to share that love with the you and the other wonderful people you find in those countries you visit.

-David Holden

Blog 2:

I enjoyed today so much! As you can see from David’s post above it was a busy day. I installed a stove first, then I made hats and learned how to make balloon animals, I visited the sweetest people at the nursing home and danced for them, and last but definitely not least I got killed in soccer. I have two favorite parts. The first one is reccess with the kindergarteners. It seriously melts my heart. I have one friend that will not leave my side and her name is Belle. We play tag, have shoulder rides, give tattoos with a pen, and tickle eachother until we can’t breath. I love seeing how happy it makes the children. My second favorite part was playing soccer. We got killed 7-1 but it was still so much fun. I got megged (ball passed between my legs) once or twice but it was worth it. I saw God while installing a stove. The family sat back and watched with happiness. It made me feel amazing knowing I was doing exactly what God calls me to do. Help others and love them as our neighbors. This week has been an amazing experience with just the short time I’ve been here and I can’t wait for more memories to come.

– Katherine Sullivan

Blog 3:

Today has been a gift of pure joy and love. The kids got to show us how to do a dance. And then we performed for the nursing home. This is when I got to experience how much joy we can bring with homemade hats and dancing. Working together with the 9th graders was difficult with the language barrier but love has more than one language and can be expressed through movements and hand motions. Hugging has been such an important way to break down this language barrier and begin a long lasting friendship. Another way I have seen God’s love is through the Guatemalan people. They are always willing to give as much as they can and never ask for anything in return. The family that we went to visit showed us this through the gifts given to us and their willingness to let us be in their home. One comment that will always stick in my mind is “You are our family now and this is your home too.” This has challenged me to always be thankful for friends and family and to love the presence they give.

– Olivia Kyles


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