Trip 2: Guatemala Day 2

Blog 1:

Today I saw God working in many ways. We visited a nursing home with the seventh graders from Escuela Integrada where we got to dance and play a game with the residents there. It was amazing to see God working through people of all ages. Being able to spend time with the children and the elderly at the same time was incredible. I cannot wait to get to know more of the children and elderly throughout the week and work as a group to share God’s love.

– Callie Kirchin

Blog 2:

I experienced many unforgettable instances today in in which God was present.  First, when I met the child who my family sponsors, we soon formed a bond that was truly amazing for two people who do not speak the same language.  Second, the youth group went to a nursing home where we talked and danced with the residents.  Again, God was present for people from different cultures who speak a different language to communicate and bond in other ways.  So far today was my favorite day, but I am certainly looking forward to the rest of the mission trip!

-Kevin Agner

Blog 3:

Today I was able to experience so much love and joy through the people of Guatemala. It was so awesome to experience how the little kids reacted when you arrived at the school. As soon as we got there, I was immediately welcomed by the cutest little girl. She’s known to be the one that wins the hearts of all the gringos! As the day went on we were able to work with the 7th grade class. We prepared different activities to do while at the nursing home. Working with these kids throughout the day filled me with so much joy. I’m so ready to take on the rest of the week with my awesome youth group/family!

-Grace Faller


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