Trip 1: Guatemala Day 5

Blog 1:

Today I learned about the shopping market in Guatemala. When we were first told that we were going to go to the market in Guatemala, we were all really excited. However, when we were told about all the things that could happen at/in the market, like getting pick-pocketed or getting lost, we got kind of scared. I mean, what do you expect from people who are still pretty much kids but try to act like they’re not. When we got to the market, we were told to stay in a group of 3-4 people so we don’t get lost or pick-pocketed. Once we started walking around, I realized how wrong we were about the market. This was my God Moment. There were no sketchy people at the part of the market we went to and nothing bad happened to us either. I saw God protecting us as we walked around the market. You could also bargain for what you wanted, as in get it for a lower price than the original. My favorite thing I bought there was a homemade Batman bracelet. I hope I can buy more things when we hike up the volcano tomorrow as well. #guatemala17

-Rebecca Lewis

Blog 2:

Hola!! Today, we went to Cerra de la Cruz which is a cross up on a mountain; the view was beautiful. Afterwards, we went to the market. The market is a crazy place with tons of shops. I was amazed with the amount of stuff I got and how little of money I spent. I got about 15 bracelets!! We went to the school to eat lunch and play with the kids, which is always the highlight of my day. The children’s hugs and smiles bring so much joy to me. We got to go to the soccer fields to play with the kids for their P.E.  This had to be my favorite part of the day. I met three little sisters named Sandra, Fatima, and Cecilia. They were the sweetest and never let go of me. We went back to the school to say our goodbyes because it would be the last time we saw the kids, which was very sad. I have gotten really close with a little boy named Javier over the week. Anytime we see each other he blows me kisses. When his teacher told him it would be his last time seeing us, he looked at me, made the saddest face, and came running out to give me the biggest hug. It was in that moment that I saw God. I realized how much God had connected me with him and he taught me so much. It’s the little things in life that mean the most. I thank God for this wonderful week with these wonderful kids. It has truly been an experience. Thank you, Guatemala!!  #guatemala17


Blog 3:

As you can see from the posts above we did a lot today, but my favorite part was family night at the school. I helped a young girl I have been sending time with all week, Maria, and her family make their Gods eyes. I had so much fun spending more time with her because it was our last day with the kids, and was so excited to see my little friend one last time! After we made our crafts Maria, her little sister, and I went to play on the playground, and we had the best time laughing and going down the slide. Saying goodbye was hard but it was also my God moment. I saw that God puts us with the people he knows we need even if it is for a short period of time. I learned so much from all of the kids I met this week, and am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had! #Guatemala17

-Maggie Dees


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