Trip 1: Guatemala Day 4

Blog 1:

Today we went to Escuela Integrada in the morning after breakfast to help around the school. We first finished the painting we had been working on for the past few days. After the painting the bell rang and all the kids rushed out. I gave Anita a ride on my shoulders while running around. Then we ate a delicious homemade lunch before preparing to go to the senior center. At the senior center we helped with passing out food and with bingo. Right after the senior center we headed for Jocofut. Jocofut was full of soccer courts and a playground. At the playground I played with a little girl named Susan that I had met yesterday during her home visit. My favorite part of the day was playing with Anita and especially Susan. I saw Jesus in Susan today when I was playing with her on the playground. Susan knew she had a walk up a steep hill home that would last longer than an hour, but ran and played her heart out. I wish to continue helping at the school and bringing joy to little kids like Susan.
– Spencer Satawa

Blog 2:

To start off the day, we started off the day with` a moving Bible Study! Did you know that we are workers not master builders? God chose us to bear fruit. That really shaped my day today. We then went to the school to finish up the painting we have been working on the past days. We finished up just in time for the recess bell. About 10 boys dragged me to the area where they were playing a game called “Adidos”. It’s a game where you are in a circle and you have to keep the soccer ball in the air by juggling it and passing to each other. If you miss the ball, you’re out. They all scream “ADIDOS”. We then made crafts with the kids to take to the nursing home. At the nursing home we played Bingo. Then my MIG (Ministry Group) went to Jocofut. We payed soccer with the kids and suprisingly I got a hat trick during the game! If you know me, I am not the soccer type at all so that was awesome. My favorite part of the day was definitely playing soccer with the kids. I saw God today when I was surrounded by all the kids who knew no English, but we were able to communicate with smiles, laughs, and hugs.
-Harrison Parrott

Blog 3:

I woke up earlier than usual because we had the option to go on a morning walk to the square. After some pretty amazing views we arrived. I went to a cafe and got a delicious caramel latte. We went back to the hotel and breakfast was served. Breakfast was good as usual and perfectly occupunied by a short devotional that reminded us that we are God’s workers in this never ending project called life. Another fun and successful day at Escuela Integrada began. We painted the remaning pillars and did our last craft project with the 8th graders. However, these projects were frequently interrupted by the littlest kids asking to get on a our shoulders or play tag. I,m not complaining. We walked to the nursing home for the last time this week. We played bingo and handed out food to all the residents. Two home visits, one to the boy my family sponsors, ended the service day. The best part of the day was waking up early, something that doesn’t happen all t0o often, and walking to the square. It was just amazing to fully take in the beautiful culture of this country. I saw God working today during the home visits. Just to see how grateful they were for the little they had. They had so much joy in what we in America would consider a shack. They were truly content and extremely loving.
-Anna Grace Woolly

Blog 4:

Today was very fun! This morning I went on a walk to get coffee. We had a street dog follow us everywhere we went. He was so cute! We went to the school later on and painted columns. After we finished, we got to play with the kids at recess. My favorite moment of the day was when I gave a girl named Ana a piggy-back-ride. She’s so sweet! We made crafts with the eighth graders and took the crafts to the nursing home. I saw God today when we did home visits and the people were so grateful for the food we gave them.
– Carsyn Parrott


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