An Opportunity to Double Your Support

The school year in Guatemala is from January until October. Therefore, the kids in Guatemala are still in school while we are enacting summer plans and vacations. Their need for food and assistance continues through the year and is especially noted in summer months when donations are very low. This year a group of donors have come together and are offering to match funds which are donated to GRACES and received in the months of June and July! The stipulations for the match funds are:

1) They must be new funds (not a match for funds already committed to sponsoring a child or program);
2) Match funds must be donations to the school (match cannot be used for an individual’s mission trip fees);
3) The funds MAY be used to sponsor a child who is currently unsponsored (therefore someone could effectively sponsor two children for the $600 fee, if the entire sponsorship fee is paid in June or July); and,
4) The match will be provided for funds received during June and July that meet the above stipulations.

Please visit the GRACES website, for more information about the school, the children and to support this wonderful mission this summer.


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