Donate to the St. John’s Tent Village at Lutheridge

St. John’s has been asked to raise $50,000 to fund a new platform tent village at Lutheridge. The church has already received $20,000 towards the project.

Adding the four elevated tree-house style platform tents will serve the camp’s High School Outdoor Adventure Program in several ways:

  1. The Outdoor Adventure Program at Lutheridge has grown during the past 15 years, outgrowing the four platform tents already in place. The new tent village will give the program more room to grow in the coming summers.
  2. Adding the tent village will free up cottages to increase Lutheridge’s growing adult and family programming.
  3. The new elevated tent village will have a “wow” factor, much like the new pool, attracting campers and helping retain current campers. Any commitments over $50,000 will go toward remodeling restrooms in Lakeside Lodge.

A group of six St. John’s members is serving as the steering team for the project. They are  Mike and Sharon Edwards, Harrison Parrott, Dave Roof, Cora Shinn, and Anna Grace Woolly. Although a more formal campaign will be held later this year, donations can be directed to the project even now.

For more information about Lutheridge, visit their website,



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