1st Grade Milestone – Lord’s Prayer

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We were excited to celebrate a wonderful milestone with the first graders and their families at St John’s – Exploring the Lord’s Prayer. Milestones are special events that teach our children – and their parents – different faith practices in environments are that are fun and memorable.

On April 6th, we learned the Lord’s Prayer together through a “hexagon” shape. With the help of their families, our first graders made a hexagon pillow to help them remember the different parts of the Lord’s Prayer. We give a special thank you to GeoRene Jones who will be sewing their pillow together!

Our first graders are now working on memorizing the Lord’s Prayer with their families. Once they have learned it, they will start leading the Lord’s Prayer for worship in the fall! Please join us in praying for our first graders and their families as they walk together in Christ.


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