Alabama – Bayou La Batre Day 3

Alabama Blog Day 3:

“The past two days we have been working at a church up the road painting and cleaning the church rooms. The hosts were so nice and welcoming to us that they invited us back today. They made and served us a huge lunch. In the end, everyone there was so thankful and satisfied with our work, making us even more content with our service in the community.”

  • Alex Yang


“For the last few days we have been repairing and re-painting a woman’s house. Sadly there were bees everywhere and we had to come back to the community center and didn’t finish painting her house. We came back and helped clean the community center and play with some kids at the beginning of kids club. I saw God in this little boy named Hunter. All Hunter wanted to do was talk and say what he imagined.  Hunter told stories of hunting and fishing. Hunters love for hunting and fishing showed how even in harsh conditions anyone can be loving and have fun.”

  • Spencer Satawa


“Yesterday, we re-painted a house, but today we didn’t, due to yellow jackets everywhere. Because of this, we went back to the community center and played with the kids. We also cleaned up trash around the sports complex beside the community center. This morning we also cleaned up the city hall. All in all, this was a great day, filled with God’s love.”

  • John Yang


“For the past two days I have been helping with the YouthWorks kid’s camp. My group worked the storytelling and music portion of the camp. At first the kids were pretty skeptical about us, but they responded well, all Lutheridge songs! It was great spending the past few days with these awesome kids.”

  • Matt Woolly


“These past two days my group has had the chance to work on a house and the ability to go and clean the Bayou la Batre City Hall. However, we were unable to finish the house due to a swarm of Yellow Jackets. So far everyone we have come in contact with has been very gracious for our help. Tuesday night we went on a tour of the boat yard which was really cool to see and met some locals that were very grateful that we chose his town to come and serve. God has been prevalent in all of our lives and through our actions as we go and help others, and I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for us.”

  • David Derrick


“Well, we were supposed to work on painting a house here today but due to weather and a swarm of yellow jackets, we wound up doing indoor work (like cleaning today). It was nice to see everyone’s helpful attitude never waver throughout the day. Maybe it was God working through us and pushing us forward to serve to the best of our ability. Which I want to do.”

  • Tessa Brown


“This day was quite eventful. First it started raining while we were at the place we are staying, then we went to work at the City Hall, went back to the place we were staying, went back out to the house we were painting the day before (but there were yellow jackets swarming around us), back-tracked to where we are staying, and finally started cleaning the gym there and painting birdhouses. It may have been a crazy day, but no one in our group complained about moving around so much. I think that was my favorite moment/God moment so far on this trip. I really hope I can have more experiences like this later on.”

  • Rebecca Lewis


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