Alabama – Bayou La Batre Day 2

Alabama Blog Day 2:

“Today was awesome! After our service projects we went to Dauphin Island. We had so much fun swimming in the ocean and we just had a great time messing around. Today I saw God at the beach while being surrounded by his lovely creation and being with my friends.”

  • Julie Kenny

“This morning my group was able to plan and run “Kids Club,” an event for children in the community to enjoy each other in a safe and indoor environment.  I became “best friends” with a few kids, Jaxon, Kharisma, and AnnaJo, and saw God in their enthusiasm and excitement.  I enjoyed the smiles, hugs, and snuggles from each of the kids and cannot wait to work with them again tomorrow.”

  •  Caroline Parrott

“Another group went to a house and scraped the paint off and repainted the outside of the house. Even though it was extremely hot we had fun because we were helping others. While at the beach today, a few of us got some mild jellyfish stings, and I saw God when nice people brought us some stuff to put on our stings.”

  • Laura Weber

“We had a lot of fun on the work sites today and we all enjoyed giving a helping hand. We also liked going to Dauphin Island to swim. There were fish everywhere! While at our work project today, I saw God through the people we were serving.  Even though we were serving them, they were super nice and also took care of us.”

  • Cali Proper

“Today we to the beach for our fun evening activity. Swimming in the ocean was interesting because there were a ton of small fish that would ram into us. Some people had more close encounters with the fish which was very interesting. Otherwise, we all had a fun time at the beach. Today I learned more about how God’s love has no boundaries and that through Jesus, God cares for all of us and understands everything that we feel each day because Jesus felt them too.”

  • Carsyn Parrott


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