Alabama – Bayou La Batre Day 1

Alabama Blog Day 1:

Because it was primarily a travel day, we wanted to do a group post for tonight. Today we had a great trip down to Bayou La Batre even though we all had to get up super early. Some of us slept while others of us watched movies/videos; others ate a lot of food; others of us played various games and had fun getting to know each other better. Once we arrived (did you know that Bayou La Batre is in a different time zone?!?!) we had a wonderful dinner and we played some ice-breaker games with the other congregations that are here as well. Our theme this week is “First Love.” We learned today that we can love, because God first loved us. We closed our night with a worship service where we sang songs and learned our theme. Even though we don’t have any air conditioning where we sleep (and it’s hot and humid) we are looking forward to helping kids through a program called Kids Klub and through different service opportunities in the community. We also get to go to the beach on the Gulf Coast tomorrow evening!

Anna Grace Woolly, Harrison Parrott, Maddie Eudy, Juliana Anderson, & Katherine Sullivan


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