Knoxville Day 4

Knoxville Day 4

“Today I went to 2 mission sites called The VMC and Serene Manor. The VMC is a place where the homeless can go to get back on their feet. They help with things like permanent housing and a stable job. Serene Manor is a home for those who might be suffering mental illnesses. I got to play monopoly and I also got to see the joy in all of these people’s faces. I have had an amazing trip and am so sad that this will be my last year at WOW. I can’t believe that our week is already over. Today in worship I did a faith sharing talk and I talked about my uncle who died from a brain aneurism. Even though this was a nerve wracking experience I am very glad that I did it.”

  • Anna Everhart


“Today I went to help with the Water Wagon today and I gave out water to people that were sitting in the street. I also to Guy B. Love retirement village and we got to play Bingo with the people there and talked to them. I saw God today during the special Thursday evening worship service. We walked to different stations to follow the Passion of Jesus, and my favorite station was making sculptures out of playdoh to represented what Jesus’ sacrifice meant to me.”

  • Sascha Medina


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