Knoxville Day 1

“Wow! (Pun intended) This is fun! Here in Knoxville, we have a wonderful group of middle school youth who are learning about God’s Love this week at WOW Urban Ministries.  It’s been a joy to see our group interacting with other congregations that are here for the same week that we are.  It’s also been incredible to see the kind of servant hearts that our youth have.  Below, and in the following blog posts, you’ll have a chance to hear a little bit from two of our youth each evening about their experiences throughout the day, and where they’ve seen God’s love in action.  Thanks for keeping us in prayer! We’re having a great time!”
– Kai Thurow
“Today I did the water wagon, and I saw God when we were handing out the water to the homeless.  I realized that I can go get water whenever I need to, but they need people to bring water to them because they can’t afford it.  These people’s faces lit up when we gave them water and ring pops too. It was clear that God was with these people, and it made me smile too. These people loved having us around!”
– Sam Medina


“Today I saw God at the water wagon when I gave water to people who didn’t have any water and they started smiling. When I saw them smile, I knew that God is always right beside them and taking care of them. I also got to spend time at KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) Thrift Store putting new clothes out for people to buy. I saw God’s love in the people who started helping us put new clothes out even though they didn’t need to.”
– Ty Buechler


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