Wednesday, March 9

Don’t discount the power of Christ 

I can do all things through Christ who strengths me. 

Philippians 4:13 

When I used to hear this verse I would think that it didn’t pertain to me and it was cliché. It was one of those verses that wasn’t meant for just regular people. Yeah right, I can’t do these things I’ve been asked to do, I can’t get through one more day with this weighing me down, I just can’t.

When our older daughter had her last surgery, I was at peace than what I had been during the previous two surgeries. I felt like I had been surrounded with prayer and that I was strong enough to do this. When it was time for her to be called back I didn’t cry as I had the times before and as one hour stretched into two and two became three I knew that things were going OK. God gave me the strength not necessarily because I asked but because he knew I needed it.

We all live in this fast-paced world with so many things going against us on a daily basis. Just stop and think of the negatives and the burdens that surround you. But what if you changed that train of thought and asked God to give you the strength that will help you through the mess in your life. Don’t discount the power of him and don’t discount the power of yourself.

God does not want us to fail. He promises to walk with us every day, through every trial. How many times do we read in the Bible that with God all things are possible, for only God can make the impossible become possible. Philippians 4:13 is a great verse to have at the ready every day. Say it before you begin work, or go to a meeting, or try to get your child to do something he or she doesn’t want to do, or doesn’t think they can do. Be bold and know that someone knows the power of you!

Lord, thank You for this day. I know not all of the challenges and opportunities that today holds but I know that You will walk with me through all of them. Help me to have confidence that I am never truly alone, that You are always at my side. Help me to put my trust in You. Thank You for Your help and protection. Amen. 

Molly Connell 


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