Friday, March 4

When we serve, we give our all 

But the king replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen and paid fifty shekels of silver for them. 

2 Samuel 24:24 

Several years ago, I had the privilege to attend a worship leaders’ conference at The Billy Graham Training Center. This was an especially exciting conference to me, as it was being led by Darlene Zschech, a singer, songwriter and worship pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia.

The theme and teachings for the conference were based from 2 Samuel 24:24. It was verse I had basically overlooked my entire life, and one that held little meaning for me, personally. The more I listened to and truly heard this verse, the more meaningful it became. I’ve had years to reflect on King David’s response to Aranuah, and continue to be struck by his words, “I will not bring before the Lord my God that which costs me nothing.”

This is such a humbling verse, one which resonates deep within me. It reminds me that God has chosen me as a servant. God has called me to serve Him with gladness in my church, and in my community. There are many days when I feel overwhelmed by day to day responsibilities. Sometimes I look at my calendar, and wonder how in the world I can possibly fit one more commitment into my life. Then this verse comes to mind. I am reminded that service doesn’t come without sacrifice. And though it may seem like we give up opportunities or personal time when we commit to serving, the sacrifice is actually pure gain.

When we serve, we give our all, and bring the very best we have to offer before the Lord, because it’s all that we have to give back to Him. When I look back on the life of Jesus, I see our Savior as the ultimate servant who was always willing to follow the call of His Father, trusting in Him, alone. I want to follow that example.

When we serve, we often find ourselves feeling exhausted, and that exhaustion can easily be mistaken for a feeling of emptiness. Although we’re being emptied of ourselves, we’re also being filled. We’re never left hung out to dry. When we enter into a season of service to the Lord, we enter a continuous cycle of being emptied and filled. We’re filled with love, joy, peace, hope, understanding, and filled with the Holy Spirit, and to me, there’s no greater reward on earth than that.

Holy Lord, give us servants hearts. May we count the cost in our daily lives as we serve You, ever mindful that we are filled to be emptied again. Help us to sow the seeds we receive from You, so that we might further Your kingdom on earth. Amen. 

Ondria Witt


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