Tuesday, March 1

The Lord has planned a path for each of us 

This is the day that the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalm 118:24 

Expressing my thoughts through the written word is unusual for me. So I asked the Lord if this was something He was leading me to do, and this is where He has led me.

This past year could have been a difficult time for me. After being the caregiver for my husband of many years, I could have felt lonely, useless, and in a blue funk after his passing. This has not happened. Jesus took me by the hand, gave me courage and strength, showed me new paths, and brought new friends and activities into my life.

Every morning, before starting my day, I say thank you for each new day. It’s easy to be happy and thankful on a sunny day, but on a dark and dreary day, you may feel sad, weary and restless. On those days, take a few quiet moments and say thank you for God’s goodness, and the blessings he has given you and continues to give you freely every day. The Lord created us and wants us to be happy. Look each day for the beauty around you. Greet people with a smile. It may be the only one they see that day.

Life has been a journey of good days and not-so-good days. Through all of these times, the Lord Jesus has been there holding my hand, guiding me, giving me strength, giving me joy, pulling me back on the path He has planned when I have strayed. Times when I resisted following His path.

Thinking I could do it by myself, my way. He always proved me wrong. There have been times like these for all of us.

He has a planned path each day for each of us. The path will not always be an easy one, but it will turn out to be the best one. Remember, He makes each new day, so rejoice and be glad in it. Hold His hand and let Him lead you. You won’t be sorry.

Dear Lord, thank you for your generous blessings that you give so freely every day. Guide us and give us courage to follow the path you have planned for each of us. Amen. 

Gerry Webster


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