Thursday, February 25

God is more than I can comprehend 

Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries. 

1 Corinthians 4:1 

This verse has become a favorite because it defines clearly my role as Christ’s servant and steward. It acknowledges that God is much more than I can ever comprehend.

One Sunday, at church, I was scheduled to teach senior high class. The youth were leaving soon for a gathering of 35,000 of our denomination’s youth. They were too excited for a heavy lesson. “Bonding time,” I thought, as they persuaded me to move to the nearest fast food restaurant.

As we sat discussing their hopes and expectations for the gathering, one youth noticed a logo on his hash brown envelope. What was it? I thought it was a company logo from the ’50s. They debated.

Jonathan was determined to find the answer. He grabbed the envelope and headed to the counter. We watched. The clerk looked confused. She turned and walked toward the rear of the restaurant. An assistant manager returned with her. A short conversation occurred among the three. The clerk returned to her duties. The assistant manager disap-peared. Jonathan remained firmly leaning on the counter.

A couple minutes later a man dressed in shirt and tie appeared — the restaurant manager. Both looked at the package, had a brief conversation, and then each turned and walked away. Jonathan returned shaking his head. “Nobody knows anything about this logo,” he said. “Don’t these people have to watch a video about this stuff?”

As stewards of God’s mysteries we don’t have videos or scripts to use as we share, serve and witness. But we do have life experiences of encountering God’s mysteries as we live our lives as servants. What have been your experiences with God’s mysteries? What have been your experiences as servant of Christ? As a steward of God’s mysteries and servant of Christ, share those stories with those you encounter this Lenten Season.

Eternal one, 

     Silence               from whom my words come; 

     Questioner       from whom my questions arise: 

     Lover                of whom all my loves are hints; 

     Disturber         in whom alone I find my rest; 

     Mystery           in whose depths I find healing and myself 

Enfold me now in your presence; 

  restore to me your peace; 

     renew me through your power 

       and ground me in your grace.


                                                                                                       *Guerrillas of Grace, Ted Loder, 1984, LuraMedia 

Wayne Nelson 


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