Hands & Feet Camp

IMG_6476Some 22 third– through fifth-graders came to St. John’s Aug. 10-14 for the third-annual Hands & Feet Camp. Caroline Parrott led the camp for the second year in a row, along with student volunteers Caylynn Westberg — who will take over next year — Sam McNeely and Shelby Holden, along with staff members Kimberly Lentz, Danielle Kosanovich, Gray Steadman and Alex Becker. Ann Barber, the grandmother of Layton Barber, helped out with lunch and other behind-the-scenes details.

“I probably got more out of it than the kids,” Ann says. “It was an amazing week. Our youth are strong.”

Ann says that Layton had heard about the EPIC youth group for third– to fifth-graders and is eager to participate this fall. Ann says she was happy to lend another pair of hands for the camp.

Caroline says that the camp helps open youngsters eyes to the needs in the community. It was her job to find organizations to work with, and of course, plans changed through the course of the week.

“It’s a good way to think on your feet, but it all worked out fine,” she says. “I always love eating with the kids. I know that sounds so weird. But it’s a time we’re all together and talking about what we enjoyed. They see how they’ve made a difference and it’s fun to see them light up.

Caroline says she’s sad that she won’t get to work with the camp next summer, but she knows Caylynn will do a great job.

Check out pictures from our Hands & Feet Camp week at www.facebook.com/StJSalisbury



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