Fluffy Teal Narwhals Proclaim Justice

We had an amazing opportunity to serve the communicant with our fellow Lutherans. We cleared alley ways in a neighborhood. After that we went to the Ford Field and had an awesome worship time. I built bridges with friends and others. I have had an amazing time already and I can’t wait for more!

~Olivia Kyles


Today we helped out the citizens of Detroit by cleaning their enviornment. We met a lot of people today and had fun in worship listening to some of the Temptations a Miracle and a Capital and Motown songs at Ford Field.

-Kevin Agner and David Holden

The day began with a sea of orange gathering to sing and worship before embarking on our journey to help clean up Detroit. After waiting several hours for the bus to be called, we set out to rid the alley ways of Philadelphia and Euclid neighborhoods of debris. At four o’clock we left to go back to Ford Field for worship. Agape rapped and we had some wonderful speakers throughout the night who spoke about building bridges with Christ and equality among all of God’s children. We also got to boogie to some Motown classics brought to us by two of the original Temptations band members. So thankful for this amazing experience and the ability to worship Christ in new ways. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

-Juliana Anderson, Kathryn Rusher, and Kenneth Fink

Today our day began with singing and dancing. We also worshiped in Ford Field and we got to experience Motown songs!

-Carsyn Parrott


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