A long, but fun day #1

Hello from Detroit! It’s hard to believe that we started the day at 6 am in Dayton, Ohio. We then boarded the bus at 7 am, and after 4 long hours of driving, we arrived in the city at 11am and immediately boarded the Detroit Princess – a large paddleboat, with 1,100 people on board.                     – John Yang

When we got to the boat, our group was directed to the third deck of the Detroit Princess.  The Princess had four decks including a party deck with a DJ and a massive dance party!  We had a DELICIOUS lunch on the boat and enjoyed picturesque views of Detroit and Canada across the river.  Rob and some of the girls even played a round or two of Spoons (a card game)!  After the tour, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our night in Ford Field.

– Caroline Parrott

Once we got off the bus and headed towards Ford Field, we were told to stick close together because of the many groups of other churches there too. That was nothing compared to what it was like once we got inside and saw the huge stage with a cross standing tall behind it. With 30,000 people surrounding the stage, our first thoughts were all the same, “wow.”  It was an incredible experience to be with so many others worshiping, singing, listening, and growing together in faith.

-Sam McNeely


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