Knoxville Day 4..

Today I had the opportunity to go to Beardsly Farm and do the VMC (Volunteer ministry center) movie. At Beardsly Farm, I got to weed some of the garden beds and I got to water some of the plants in the lower section. For the VMC movie, people come over from the VMC and the VMC Minvillas (The first step off of the street into low income housing) and come to the church to watch a movie and have popcorn, drinks, and candy. I am so glad that I have gotten the opportunity to come to Knoxville because it has really opened my eyes to the world around me.-Anna

Today I went to the Wesley’s House and I was with the 3rd Grade group which was crazy, but it was fun. Then in the afternoon I went to the K.A.R.M Thrift Store which we bailed clothing and each bail sold raised enough money to feed 160 people at K.A.R.M, which I thought was really cool. I love that I chose to come Knoxville, Tennessee, because it has been a blast. –Kayla

Today I went to VMC and watched a video on some people’s story that are in the VMC program. We left VMC early and we did water wagon while we were waiting on the rest of the people to get back. This afternoon I went to Salvation Army and we cleaned up around the warehouse. I am very glad I decided to come to Knoxville, Tennessee because I had a great time with friends and doing work with people around Knoxville. –Ashlyn

Today I did Mobile Meals and went to Random Acts of Flowers. Doing Mobile Meals allowed me to see more of Knoxville and to bring a smile on people’s faces when I gave them their meal. Random Acts of Flowers I washed plastic vases. Got back had lunch and did faith sharing. At faith sharing we connected to God. I can’t what to come back home to tell my friends and family my experience. –Nina  

I thought I knew what to expect this week since this is my second trip to Knoxville to be part of WOW. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong… The work ethic and enthusiasm these 16 girls have shown throughout the week has been amazing. However what I have enjoyed most is watching old friendships grow and new friendships developed… –Kristin

It has been a fun and rewarding week of missions work and team building here in Knoxville. I am truly amazed at the work ethics and willingness of these awesome young ladies to step out of their comfort zones. The compassion for serving others is amazing and a joy to watch. It has been my pleasure to spend this week with such a great group of young ladies. –Michelle


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