Knoxville..Day 3!

       Hey ya’ll, today, which was only a half day, I went to VMC resource center. This helps people try to get back on their feet by providing three meals a day, dental care, help with housing, and a place to help find jobs. We helped do the behind the scenes jobs to make the place clean and help out the janitors by taking extra jobs off their backs. We organized food pantries and resource closets, we cleaned tables and chairs, and we disposed of boxes. When we got back we had the afternoon off, free of afternoon jobs! We had this time to relax and hang out. Also a group favorite was the market square, a square of shops downtown. We ate at Trios a local burger restaurant, ate Italian ice at Rita’s, and shopped. Today was awesome!-Anna Grace

        Heyyyyyy, today I got to go to Serene Manor. While I was at Serene Manor I got the opportunity to talk to Betty, Bobby, Ronald, and many others. While I was talking to Betty I also got to braid her hair. While I was talking to Bobby he told me about all the jobs he had, like being a Navy Seal and also in the Marines.  When I talked to Ronald I got to play him in checkers and I beat him (most people lost to him). For our free day we went to the Market Square and I got some really cool things. Overall I had a lot of fun and I wish that we could stay longer!-Julie

      So today I got the opportunity to go to mobile meals and I got to go to market square and I hung out with some friends and laughed and cried(because we laughed sooo hard).I am so glad the I have been able to help around the community and talk and learned so much about sooo many different people. My favorite part of this week is when I got to do water wagon and this (3) year old boy I think he was 3 and I gave him a cup of water and he gave me a big hug. So I am so thankful for God letting me come to this place and make so many new friends.-Grace

      Well this week has been the most amazing week of all. Yesterday for the first time I was in the kitchen and helping to cook and the most fun part about that was I actually got to serve meals to the people which was great seeing beautiful faces in the morning. Today we did some shopping and it was great. I got to hang out with my 4 besties and we all got our birth stone which I thought was cute and fun. The most fun part of it all is I made some new friends which I find cool. Too be honest I really don’t want this week to be over.-Princess



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