Knoxville-First day of serving..

Today was a very blessed day to be outside and getting to see the smiles that was put on people’s faces when we gave them their food for the mobile meals. We also went to Serene Manner after lunch and had the opportunity to visit some residents that we had met the previous year and it was great catching up with them. I’m so very excited to be here and can’t wait for the rest of the week.Skyler

Today we had the opportunity to go work at Beardsley’s farm where we weeded the flowers beds and picked black berries.  These will be donated to a either Karm or Mobile Meals which both provide food for the homeless. Then we had the opportunity to play games with some of the residents at MINVILLA which is an organization that provides long-term housing. So excited or the rest of the weekMadison

This morning we came down to Café’ WOW and discussed some of the many reasons that we were called to serve alongside the people of Knoxville. After we had worship we dispersed into our mission groups and we went to the KARM thrift store where we sorted clothes, put close into a bailer where they were packed into ½ ton piles which were then sold and shipped throughout the country and world. These bails will provide the funding for over 165 meals at the KARM homeless shelter. I hope to continue to have these awesome experiences and we have similar opportunities to serve the people of Salisbury.Olivia 

Today we went to the KARM Thrift store. We sorted shoes, books and other items. After that we had an opportunity to look at the many different items in the store. I bought a really awesome purse and was able to support the store. After we left we came back to the church for lunch and free time. After lunch I went to Random Acts of Flowers and we cleaned up the facility, we sorted vases and also cleaned them. Can’t wait for another day of awesome WOW experiences!Rachel

Check back tomorrow evening for experiences from four different ladies!


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